Remote Learning Campaign

The Request: Develop a video campaign that drives awareness to all full-time General Assembly courses are now available in online format.

The Narrative: Launch a high-growth career from anywhere with GA's award-winning Immersive courses, now available in an online format to fit your busy lifestyle. The video storyline shares the practical setup/tools of the Online learning environment as well as how the core full-time course value prop — hands-on learning, collaboration, and career support — is the same in either format.

The narrative acknowledges the busy lifestyles of students and how full-time online course formats help accommodate them, highlights online learning without detracting from the on-campus experience, and is evergreen, with both top- and bottom-of-funnel use.

The Visuals: This campaign was developed amoungst a team of designers, copywriters, videographers, an illustrator, and an animator. My roles throughout the video's production included: concept creation, visual development, casting selection, wardrobe selection, art direction through-out the shoot, video QA, and marketing asset support creation.