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CE & The City

Amanda Jennings

is a visual designer with 8+ years
experience in brand and marketing design
based in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently: Sr Visual Designer @ Owlet

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  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
CE & The City offers continuing education and networking opportunities for veterinary professionals.

The name of the brand, 'CE & The City', draws inspiration from the popular TV show "Sex & The City" and represents a chic and modern approach to experiencing continuing education courses. The objective of the brand is to create the finest CE event series in the city, featuring courses taught at beautiful hotels, providing exceptional food and drinks, and opportunities for veterinary networking.

The branding elicits emotions of excitement, inspiration, aspiration, authority, and a sense of community. The overall atmosphere embodies the idea of coming together to learn and elevate the industry.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction