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Amanda Jennings

is a visual designer with 8+ years
experience in brand and marketing design
based in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently: Sr Visual Designer @ Owlet

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  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
As part of PetPlate's ongoing efforts to improve product offerings, the organization updated their signature product, FreshCooked, entree manufacturer and cooking technique. The marketing team then looked to organize a digital brand awareness campaign to inform current customers and prospects about the improvements made to the meals: more noticable chunks of meat and vegetables, variety of flavors, and being recommended by others.

To fortify the marketing campaign messaging, the working team integrated data obtained from a diverse focus group encompassing dogs of different ages, sizes, and breeds. The results demonstrated that the new recipe was preferred by the majority of dogs at a ratio of 2:1.

To visually convey these enhancements, the meals are shown prominently top-down, making these the main focus and providing a detailed view of the improved formula. The incorporated colors are symbolic of each of the entree lid flavors that customers recognize the formulas by.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction