See Her Excel Scholarship

The Request: Create a visual narrative and branding campaign around offering a scholarship to women for long-form tech education courses.

The Narrative: The See Her Excel (SHE) Scholarship name derived through wanting to encourage propelling women forward and helping them take their first step towards pursuing a career in tech.

The Visuals: A dynamic collection of historical women pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, etc. juxtaposed in a grid with present day students. Together the grid creates cohesion across generations of women making advances and shows the magnitude of collective contribution.

See Her Excel: Tote Developed for brand awareness to the campaign.

See Her Excel: Landing Page Designed the scholarship's landing page pairing with a marketer and copy writer. Created in the platform Unbounce, the page from top to bottom: displays a high-level description of the offer paired with a dropdown lead form, highlights narratives of women featured in visuals of the campaign, an eye-catching elegibility banner, and descriptions of the courses this scholarship is available for.