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Amanda Jennings

is a visual designer with 8+ years
experience in brand and marketing design
based in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently: Sr Visual Designer @ Owlet

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As an extension of their digital presence, I created a modular email design system for PetPlate to systematize email layout, simplify production, and accommodate a variety of content sends.

Project Goals: Ensure consistent brand identity throughout email sends, systemize email layout, simplify and steamline production, and ensure conversion rates increased.

Below are the steps myself and the team took to ensure PetPlate's brand identity in marketing emails and establish an efficient production process.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
Part 1: Inventory of Current Emails
Reviewed and inventoried existing emails to identify design patterns, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
Part 2: Define Email Components and Research New Ideas
Using audit findings, I compiled a list of reusable components and modules for various emails. These include standardized elements like headers, footers, content blocks, CTAs, as well as editable modules for adapting to weekly content.

Having this list of assets for the new email design system, I researched innovative ideas to bring PetPlate's emails to life. This involved evaluating styles and content approaches from different brands.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
Part 3: Define Email Design System Rules
To establish email system rules, I employed and adapted PetPlate's existing brand guidelines. I applied the web design guidelines to achieve a consistent omnichannel experience across the brand's marketing channels.

I reserved the brand's secondary colors for sale/promotional emails or to highlight specific products (as each protein corresponds to a secondary brand color). I also chose web-safe fonts that closely related to the brand's fonts.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction