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Amanda Jennings

is a visual designer with 8+ years
experience in brand and marketing design
based in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently: Sr Visual Designer @ Owlet

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  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
PetPlate provides a range of human-grade, vet-designed, and wholesome food options for dogs. As the product team developed two new supplement types, an opportunity emerged to reconsider supplement branding and positioning.

The current supplement packaging had a playful visual style and naming approach, which made it resemble treats more than conveying beneficial ingredients associated with supplements.

Project Goals: distinguish supplements from dog treats, showcase the supplement's beneficial / functional ingredients, and develop a unique look and feel for the new product line.
  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
Developed a set of brand icons for front of pack representing the supplements benefits to quickly communicate the products purpose and additionally could be used throughout marketing materials.   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction

  ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction
Photography produced with: Garnish Studios   ◾  Design   ◾  Art Direction